Collection: Nature Friendly Coffee

Safari Coffee for decades has imported and roasted "Nature Friendly" coffees when we discover ones that meet our tasting criteria.   However as a smaller roaster we have decided, at least for the time being, not to label these "Nature Friendly" coffees as organic due to the bureaucracy and cost involved with yearly certification.  

In the meantime, we continue to search and pay more to add on to our "Nature Friendly" coffee menu because we believe in encouraging better farming. It's important to keep in mind that these types can sometimes be limited because we hear some third world farmers can't afford the annual inspections, even though in some cases they might already grow coffee within the guidelines of organic farming practices. Plus you would miss out on other fantastic options from Celebes, Kenya and Tanzania who for the most part do not participate in the "Nature Friendly" movement.

If you must have "Nature Friendly" coffees see the list as you scroll down. Our coffee broker-importers have provided us with documentation that these coffees are all being grown with old fashioned natural methods that are important to our planet and you as well.

Note: Because the outer husk of the coffee berry protects the inner bean from outside chemicals it's unlikely a consumer would risk exposure to pesiticide sprays.  On the other hand pesticide free farming is much better for the soil and water supply so we fully support old fashioned nature friendly growing of coffee.   More importantly is YOUR water supply to brew.  Make sure it's spring or purified water both for health reasons and taste.

Please visit our operation personally if you would like to partake of any of our nature friendly roasts with our delicious Siphon Brew System. It costs five dollars but there is nothing so delicious and smooth as the vacuum siphon system. Money back guarantee of course.