Safari Roast Tasting

Take advantage of our delicious siphon vacuum coffee demonstration today to explore our very finest coffee blends. We can arrange a tasting in many cases at your place of business unless you prefer to visit us directly. This one hundred year old siphon vacuum system is highly sensory with aroma, fragrance, motion, touch and action all involved.

Watch the water boil and move into the top chamber until we remove the heat source where it will move back down trapping the grounds on the top beaker. The best part is the taste. Because the coffee grounds soak at high temperature for several minutes the ideal cup is produced. Most coffee devises run too fast and can't break 180 degrees so you don't pull all the delicious properties out of it. Of course purified water and fresh roasted, ideally sourced coffees make it all work.

We encourage you to send us your contact information so you can see and taste how delicious high grade, high altitude coffee actually tastes when done with passion and experience. Please fill out the easy boxes below and we will take it from there. (We also have the Yama siphon system for sale for commercial use)

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