My name is Marcel Jennett and I want to be your coffee supplier. My journey in  coffee started in the 1960's when I first got a whiff of delicious ground coffee.  My father was a delivery driver for Blue Ribbon Coffee of San Francisco and the truck was full of aroma.

We offer over 50 varieties of fresh roasted, high-grown Arabic a coffees that are all value priced and have been fine tuned from three decades in the coffee trade.

Safari Coffee of Escondido has been providing award-winning coffees to North County San Diego. Because we roast on site in small controlled batches customers enjoy unmatched freshness and quality but it goes further than that. Sourcing coffee is the key. How it's farmed, picked and screened must be right on the mark or freshness is immaterial. How do you get better sourced coffees? Simply we are willing to pay more for our coffees than many larger roasters and it's proven out by the cupping. That's why our signature Black Pearl Estate which is a nice dark roast is NOT bitter. Its the quality of the green unroasted coffee that's the main factor here.

No matter the price and service its imperative that you enjoy every drop brewed and to make sure that happens. I welcome emails or phone calls to guide the customer to the best possible choices. Brewing satisfactory coffee requires freshly roasted beans,the correct coffee maker, the right brewing temperature, the correct ratio of coffee to water, and the correct grind. Making sure you have the right information is our job one.

The bottom line- our success depends on your satisfaction. Thank you for letting your friends and family know about our wonderful, fresh-roasted Safari Coffee.

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