Top 10 Benefits

When you make Safari Coffee your coffee supplier we declare 10 specific tangible guarantees every customer can expect

  1. We stock in the green state all the coffees we sell and guarantee the authenticity of every bean with respect to country of origin.

  2. We believe that a customer is our partner and it's our job to offer our experience and knowledge to insure we both thrive.

  3. We believe in promoting naturally grown, environmental coffees whenever they are available and meet our quality screening standards.

  4. We custom roast every order specifically for you and usually ship within 48 hours of the order to ensure the freshest coffee experience possible. Shipping is free in most cases.

  5. We keep costs and prices down due to an emphasis on production efficiency rather than sales staffing and fancy bags.

  6. We demand consistency in green bean quality, roast colors, blends, accuracy of shipments and customer service

  7. We traditional dry-roast and air-cool all our coffees under the direct supervision of ownership.

  8. We provide you with direct access to ownership; you will never be just a customer number.

  9. We offer a money back guarantee on equal exchange on any product sold.

  10. We sincerely believe that if you carry these delicious high quality coffees you will see not only increases in your coffee sales but possibly enhanced reviews on social media.

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