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Ethiopian Washed Yirgaqcheffe

Ethiopian Washed Yirgaqcheffe

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Presently we are importing comes from the region of Yirga Chefe in southern Ethiopia. The variety, terroir, and processing method creates a coffee with a fruit-forward flavor It has medium acidity and full body with a distinctive spicy flavour. Yirgaqcheffe is a dry processed coffee bean, with sorting and processing done almost entirely by hand.

More than any other African countries the population consumes 25% of the crop and is a huge positive force in their economy. We use Ethiopian beans in blending here at Safari also to produce Dancing Bear and Moka Java Estate and it's ranks at the top in cup quality according to our tastings. If you like Ethiopian try some Tanzania or Victoria Falls.

Producer: Small farmers in Eastern sections of country
Processing : Dry
Harvesting Season: Oct-Feb
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