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Safari Coffee Roasters

Mt Java Reserve

Mt Java Reserve

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We took the most premium African and South American beans we stock, roasted medium dark. This is our richest espresso by far! Because we're roasting this blend constantly the bean is loaded with nitrogen so when it's delivered you receive both a smooth, rich, full-bodied cup and a dense long-lasting crema.

This is helped along because we pull the roast around the second crack, just where the oils are brought to the surface and as a bonus this helps to keep your grinding equipment trouble free of gummy grounds which will inhibit pulling good shots consistently.

The process of making a traditional Espresso is done by forcing a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely ground coffee in a metal basket. The coffee is compressed or tamped before loading into a specific type of coffee machine where it drips into a waiting cup below.

How quickly the espresso is delivered into the cup is significant in producing a smooth rich cup rather one that's bitter or watered down. And it doesn't need milk or syrup to be enjoyed. Quality beans, equipment and good machine technique is all you need. You Tube is a great source to learn all the steps if you're a novice.

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