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Roasters Choice

Roasters Choice (Best Picks Of The Week)
Roasters Choice (Best Picks Of The Week)

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"Welcome to Roasters Choice!

I'm frequently asked for my personal recommendations here at the cafe so we created a unique way to take advantage of 40 years of coffee buying and roasting experience with our online presentation here.

The coffees I pick for you will be based first on some input YOU will provide. Your options on this cover the complete spectrum of our inventory from Africa, South America, Blends, Espressos and several other fun categories. See the drop down box for these choices.

Once I get your input I will grab and ship what I believe would be the best possible choice for you that week. Much of this decision will be based on the freshest coffees I have in the store that day.

Not sure where to start we even have a random selection and half pound options so no coffee boredom here! This is a sure way to get the very best, freshest of coffees to your door

Lets get started today! "

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