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Victoria Falls "Kahawa Blend" ( BEST SELLER!)

Victoria Falls \"Kahawa Blend\" ( BEST SELLER!)


Date Added: 06/10/2019 by otaway thomas
For about 15 years I have had a cup of Victoria Falls as an expresso every morning I was at home. I ...

Date Added: 12/12/2013 by Inessa Pabloff
It has a great smokey flavor, very smooth. Not too bold and definitely not too weak. Love it

Date Added: 04/11/2013 by Peter Vollmer
Marc has done a great job of blending and roasting these African beans as they produce great crema a...

Date Added: 07/27/2012 by Charles Woolever
I always keep Victoria Falls on hand at home because we entertain and I want to serve a medium dark ...