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Home Coffee Roasting Basics

Want to experince the best possible and freshest pot of coffee brewable? With todays coffee technology consumers are able to purchase mini roasters and "make" their own coffee from scratch. Just like making a pie, cookie or food item from scratch, coffee from scratch is the best of the best and tastes far superior to store bought coffee. Well, want to start roasting your own coffee? You will need green coffee beans and a mini home roasting machine. There are two types of mini home coffee roasters on the market today, fluid bed or drum.


Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters

Fluid Bed Coffee Roasters are the most common home coffee roasters used. They are popular because they are very affordable, roast a batch in seven to twenty minutes, easy to clean and are the perfect size for kitchens. Below one can see how the Fuid Bed Coffee Roasters look and work, ex.


Fluid bed roasters can produce batches of eight to twenty cups, depending on the roast strength and type of brewing machine. They work using hot air, and do not produce lots of smoke like traditional roasters. Fluid bed roasters are very affordable and range in price from $109.99 to $179.99 online and in stores. They are an excellent method for roasting your own green beans and "making" the freshed coffee for you, your family and or guests.


Drum Roll Coffee Roasters

Drum Roll Coffee Roasters are becoming more popular these days because of their volume (ability to roast more coffee per batch) and unique roasting style. It takes a little longer (20-25 minutes) to roast in these type coffee machines versus fluid bed, but it can roast up to a half pound of green coffee at a time; making it actually more time effective. They are a little more expensive (Roughly $150-$250), but provide a more "even" roast and great tasting coffee whether roasted light or dark. ex.


Please remeber to let your home roaster cool down between batches, as they are not designed for commercial use and need cool down periods to ensure top notch coffee quality and longer machine lifespans.

NOTE:  Never leave the roasters unattended.  Home coffee roasting is similar to frying bacon on your stovetop, it can and will burn if left unattended.   If you want to stop the roast at any time, just hit the COOL button. Don't turn it to off, the roasters are quite hot and require a cool cycle before handling.

Safari Coffee sells a home roasting drum machines (best for coffee roasting, and offers free direction and instruction just stop by the store or call (760) 740 9575 and have one sent to your front door. Got a roaster, just need the best green un-roasted coffee you can buy?


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