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Hawaiian Kona Fancy
Hawaiian Kona Fancy

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Details: Kona coffee is grown in a climate of sunny mornings, cloud or rain in the afternoons, little wind and mild nights. In other words perfect when you mix it with the volcanic mineral rich soil. Brought to the islands from cuttings from Brazils over time many family farms developed starting with Japanese who were brought in to work other farms.

There are around 800 farms on the Kona coast presently serving the world markets (Heavenly Farms is our source)harvesting a coffee that is extremely rich and extremely smooth and that also makes a great gift to any coffee lover.

If you are having sticker shock it's because Hawaii is exporting smaller amounts at this time.  There has been too much damage to the crop from the bore beatle. You might try our delicious Kona Blend to mitigate some of the expense. Colombian Supremo, Bolivian are also excellent alternatives.

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