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Ethiopian Washed Sidamo
Ethiopian Washed Sidamo

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Details: Known for its lightly medium roast, smooth and warm finish, and use of 100% Arabica beans. If you like penetrating depth to its flavor, the hints of wine and spice intermingle well with Ethiopia's Sidamo beans bright formal aroma. If you like a strong combination of flavors, this coffee will please your palate without a doubt! These small to medium sized comes from the Sidamo province of Ethiopia which was a political state was the ancient Kingdom of Kaffa. Arabica beans originally grew in this area of the world and legend says that travelers passing through this territory would chew berries of coffee plants, which would result in coffee seeds being spread all over.

Producer: Small farmers and later consolidated based on grading quality
Processing: Wet and then sun dried
Harvesting: Oct-Dec
Medium Roast Profile

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