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Black Pearl Dark- Nature Friendly
Black Pearl Dark- Nature Friendly

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Several years ago the challenge of producing a dark roasted blend of coffees that was NOT bitter became our primary goal here at Safari Coffee. There are many French and Italian Blends that provide a good kick in the pants but only a few will cup smoothly without the smokey bitter aftertaste.

Black Pearl is harvested from high altitude, nature friendly regions of South and Central America.  Due to progressive ecological practices where growers command better pricing, these areas produce vibrant berries that are picked and screened carefully. The clean uniform green bean is how all this has to start to get that smooth rich cup roasted perfectly you crave.

We take these beans and roast them slowly in small batches. Nothing is mass produced here and because the batch size is under 20 lbs per roast and we roast almost daily the coffee smells alive. You won't find that with the mass produced and stale corporate coffee found in most stores now.

You also might enjoy Continental Blend, French Roast, Sumatra Dark, Kona Dark, Dancing Bear and Italian Roast.

Verified Review 09/08/2017 by Marianne Nelson Love the smooth taste and low acidity of this blend. If I try other coffees, my stomach lets me know I have strayed.

Verified Review 01/30/2017 by Brian Burton Delicious, sweet flavor. No bitterness. Well done!

Processing : Natural
Acidity : Low to Lowest
Roast Color 8 (1-10)

Dark Roast Profile




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